MT. PLEASANT, SC, (May 6, 2021)—At a time when vaccine trials are more in the spotlight and more crucial than ever before, Elite Research Network is honored and elated to be named the 2021 Best Clinical Trial Site Network by the World Vaccine Congress.


Elite Research Network, a network of top-performing clinical research sites throughout the United States specializing in vaccine studies, received the designation from the World Vaccine Congress, the leading global vaccine congress, which convened virtually on May 5, 2021.


The award is especially significant as it comes during the global race to combat the coronavirus pandemic, with clinical sites ramping up trials and enrolling participants like never before. The award validates the company’s strides to build a strong network of investigators and trial sites throughout the United States while maintaining the highest quality standards.


“Winning the award this year, while still in the midst of a pandemic, is even more meaningful than years past,” says Chris Hoyle, CEO of Elite Research Network. “The pandemic created unique challenges of randomizing a high volume of participants while maintaining proper social distancing and CDC guidelines. Site staff worked tirelessly nights and weekends to keep up with study visits, data entry and surveillance phone calls. This award represents the sacrifice and hard work of all those involved over the past year.”


Elite Research Network’s accomplishments over the last year include:

  • Randomized more than 25,000 patients in COVID vaccine studies contributing endpoints for a number of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccines.
  • Received 92 COVID vaccine site study awards; 15 chikungunya vaccine site study awards; and five off-season flu vaccine site study awards.  
  • Successfully randomized patients in Phase I, II, and III COVID vaccine studies across diverse patient populations and age ranges (adolescents age 12-17, adults, and elderly patients 65+ years old).
  • Centrally negotiated and agreed on per patient budgets for two Phase III COVID vaccine studies resulting in the fastest study start-up timelines. 

Hoyle says the award is attributable to a vast network of stakeholders. “We would like to extend a special thank you to the investigators, study coordinators, and patients who participated in COVID-19 treatment and vaccine studies resulting in remarkable scientific breakthroughs,” he says.


For more information, please contact Chris Hoyle at choyle@eliteresearchnetwork.com.



The Elite Research Network is a group of independently owned, multi-specialty sites representing capabilities across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and expertise in all clinical trial phases with more than 15 years of vaccine research experience. The group’s sites are highly sought after by clinical trial sponsors such as pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, as Elite is known for its dedication to the highest quality standards.